The two-year investigation aims to achieve a higher sensibility towards socio-political conditions, interpersonal and intrapersonal connections, and the act of becoming fearless while remaining soft and permeable. The work is a container, encyclopedia, or archive for the excavation of ancient therapies, the queering of contemporary ones, a re-appropriating, a remixing, and a reformulating of therapies in order to care, to share, to disconnect. This expansive investigation includes intimate artist-to-artist overnight sessions in the Botanic Garden VU Amsterdam, a Useless Artist Disease, meditations for Wolfgang Schäuble, the master key to De Appel Arts Centre, a hacked heart-break, and a personal narrative about a journey into the world of healing.

Vera Hofmann
Vera Hofmann is an innocent child, a displaced teenager, a Triple A advertising account manager, a satisfactory commission photographer, a long-time mourner, an underground techno DJ, a global native, a digital immigrant, a disobedient activist, a patient client, a hypercritic, a wounded healer, a cover polar bear, a useless artist and a dedicated lover who received a highly-acclaimed trauma from the MA in Fine Arts ‘Cure Master’ program at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.

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